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What we do:

*Repair and Installation 
*System Clean & Checks/Tune-ups
*Installation and Modification of ductwork (basement finishes, room additions, etc)
*Installation in New Homes
*Light Commercial
*Custom Sheet Metal     Work/Welding

and of course
*Provide the Best Quality of Work in the Omaha Metropolitan area!

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Does your air conditioner make weird noises? Does your furnace blow cold air in the dead of winter? We can help! 

Why should you call us? 

We’re not loud. We’re not flashy. We don’t have annoying jingles that get stuck in your head. 

What sets Trademark Heating & Cooling apart from the rest of the pack? Very simple: we don't sell you products or services that you don't need, we're upfront and honest with you about costs, and most importantly, we stand behind the quality of our service. We believe that our quality standards are unmatched anywhere. That's a bold statement and it's something we say with a lot of pride.

A lot of companies out there do things that don’t think fit our philosophy. For example, there are companies that offer free system checks; but instead of sending qualified service technicians, a salesman shows up at your door. Their intent is not to fix your system but to sell you services and products that you might not even need. They’re focused on profit and not providing quality service at a fair price.   

We want to take things back to a simpler time: when a business stands behind it's service. We don't believe that quality and honesty should take a backseat to profit and at Trademark Heating & Cooling, quality never goes out of style. 

Doug & Amy Leibman
Trademark Heating and Cooling
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NATE-certified technicians are skilled  professionals who have proven their knowledge in the HVAC/R industry by passing specialized NATE certification tests. 
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